Sweden, the New Modernity.

The recent week has been hectic to say the least, but it always is around deadline time! I have been working on the project  ‘Fashion Matters.’ One of the requirements, was to create a visual report (in the style of a magazine) to show two brands progression from the now, the then and the other. Other than a few vital components, the brief was very broad, allowing us all to shape it to meet our aesthetic and interests.

I wanted to share with you a few of my double page spreads from the report; It is too long to put in it entirety, but I will more than likely add sections at a later date. As viewers, the article is unlikely to make complete sense as only attaching a few pages means there is no beginning, middle and end, but, I hope you find what I have included, interesting, easy on the eye and you might even learn something new!

My article is called ‘Sweden, the New Modernity’ it investigates the rise of Swedish culture within the fashion industry; what it’s doing now, where it has come from and other noteworthy collaborations. Perhaps the Swedes are flooding into all aspects of our creative spectrum, because they have the flexibility to do so. They have no real prestige or massive customer base to hold onto, and are therefore more experimental; which in this time of economic hardship has wooed many buyers into spending their hard earned money on timeless Apollonian pieces. The Swedes are after all the home of the minimalist; favouring elegant PRACTICAL clothing over lavish designs.

Up and coming Swedish brands ‘WhyRed’ ‘House of Dagmar’ and ‘Minimarket’


Androgyny in history through to now, brief overview. Imagery is from S/S 13 Swedish designer BACK.


Transgender models Lea T and Andrej Pedjic. Swedish brand ACNE collaboration with Candy Magazine; unisex Shirts.



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